MJX X101C FPV 720P Camera Quadcopter Review

Everyone loves a cheap and cheerful product. Something that gives you almost all of the features and values of more expensive (and more famous) products at a price more of us can afford.

On the other hand, we have THOSE products – knockoffs. They are meant to fool the uninformed into thinking they’re getting something they’re not. That’s where those fake iPhones come in.

So is the MJX X101 the former or the latter? Let’s find out.

The Sincerest Form of Flattery

DJI’s lawyers must be sleeping on the job, or maybe I’m the only one that sees it, but the X101C is clearly riffing very hard on the Phantom series from DJI. Now, this drone and the DJI ones are in completely different price brackets, but MJX looks to be angling for some of that DJI brand magic with the look of the Phantom drones – well, apart from the two big angry LED eyes; those are all MJI’s own design work. I kinda like it, actually. “Oh I’m so angry. Smile for a picture.” It’s sort of adorable.

Punching Above Your Weight

Compared to a DJI Phantom, the X101C is cheap, cheap, cheap. A fifth of the price if you shop around. Yet it can carry many of the small action cameras (think Xiaomi Yi weight class), which is the entire point of more expensive camera drones.

Of course, this entire drone package costs less than a GoPro, so curb your enthusiasm a bit. The included camera is a 720p number. It’s a 1MP sensor. Ouch.

Also, this looks to be a hard-mount with no stabilization. It makes sense. The gimbals on high-end drones alone cost more than this whole RFT package. Have a look at this footage using a proper GoPro:

So, this is not a film and photography drone. It’s an FPV drone. Period.

Amazingly, there’s a “headless mode” option included which enables relative controls. In other words, the joystick movements are relative to where you are and where the drone is “facing”. I’m starting to see this formerly pro-only feature on more and more cheap quads, which is nice.

Control Panel

I’m not going to lie, the transmitter on this drone looks cheap as heck. It’s perfectly functional, but the orange and white Fisher-Price plastic looks pretty nasty. I’m also 100% sure it’s going to look grubby almost immediately.

It has the functions you need, though, and the claimed range for control is about 330 feet. There’s of course a space for your phone that acts as the FPV monitor in real-time. This quad also does flips and rolls, which I can say from experience gets old fast, but looks cool for a while.

The app has both iOS and Android versions and, interestingly, is compatible with smartphone virtual reality headsets like the Galaxy Gear or one of the many Google Cardboard clones. That’s pretty cool, since it can give you something close to the experience of wearing a Fatshark FPV goggle set for only a few extra bucks.

Audience Poll

People who have bought the X101C generally seem quite pleased with it, and its flight characteristics are suitable for a beginner. There are also three control-rate levels, so new pilots can learn the ropes without smashing up their new toy.

I don’t see more than one or two complaints about build quality, which is to be expected for even the best drone products, so that seems good.