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Affordable Video Quadcopter Reviews (most with FPV!)

The camera may be the best feature on modern drones, but not everyone wants to drop more than a grand on a multirotor drone for professional footage. Luckily, for beginners who just want to fly and have fun, there is a whole world of affordable and increasingly well-specified drones. You won’t find the best quality HD cameras and FPV might come with a wifi time lag, but at least you’ll be able to get your feet wet without breaking the bank.

If you have higher video and photography aspirations I would recommend the Phantom 3, but for anyone looking for simple point and shoot aerial footage the options below could all be a great start. For serious FPV racing though, there’s only one beginner option: the Eachine Racer 250.

JXD 509W Drone

The world of quadcopter design is not known for having a lot of respect for the design intellectual property of other companies. This is why there are so many drones out there that look more than a bit like DJI Phantoms. In the case of the JXD 509W (sold under the “Amosting” brand here), the design definitely riffs [...]

QS Qcopter Gyrocopter

OK, apart from the fact that “Q Who” is a name in Star Trek: The Next Generation, I have genuinely never heard of QS before. It also, despite the name, isn’t a gyrocopter. It’s just a regular old quadcopter. Still we can’t expect a company that makes flying machines to know the difference, can we? The Qcopter is about [...]

Eachine Racer 250

Usually FPV racers prefer to build their own machines, tweaking them to perfection for their individual styles. There are beginners who use pre-built quadcopters, but they are usually more pedestrian than this. The Eachine Racer certainly looks the part of a serious racing quad, but is it worth splurging on a pre-built machine? Many [...]

Holy Stone X300C

Holy Stone sure has been putting a lot of quadcopters on the market, quite a few of which I’ve reviewed in this site. The company rebrands and imports RC craft from various manufacturers and then provides local U.S. support for them. The X300C (actually by MJX) fills a comfortable niche between the smaller and larger drones, [...]

Syma X5SW Quadcopter

Syma is a pretty well-known and respected RC aircraft maker and what it almost exclusively makes are toy-grade fliers. Many proficient RC pilots got their chops inexpertly flinging a Syma product around. Looking at the product shots, though, you may have to do a double take, because the X5SW is riffing very hard on [...]

Holy Stone F181 Quadcopter

Like other products sold in the U.S. by Holy Stone, the F181C is actually from a company known as DFD. It doesn’t really matter, since Holy Stone is actually bringing in brands from all over and unifying them under one name. This makes sense in order to build a brand identity, but it also means that [...]

Holy Stone X400C

The Holy Stone X400C is a rebranded MJX quadcopter. Let’s get that out of the way as soon as possible. Basically, this is a local U.S. supplier of MJX and other RC craft. They get the stuff from Chinese companies and then brand them all under the same name. Luckily MJX is a pretty decent brand, especially at the [...]

MJX Camera Quadcopter

Everyone loves a cheap and cheerful product. Something that gives you almost all of the features and values of more expensive (and more famous) products at a price more of us can afford. On the other hand, we have THOSE products – knockoffs. They are meant to fool the uninformed into thinking they’re getting something [...]

UDI Quadcopter

We all dream of the multi-thousand drone Ferraris that get all the attention and the press, but most sensible aspiring drone pilots start off in the nano-drone class; flying indoors and learning the ropes before they venture into more expensive territory. When it’s time to move onto a bigger craft though, and [...]

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