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So you want to get in on the whole camera drone craze, right? Let’s just see what your options are before spending your hard-earned cash on an expensive mistake. Getting a decent camera drone can cost as much as a small car, so it’s important that you carefully consider your options before laying down that cash.

The market for drones has exploded in the last few years and now every company and their dog is offering a platform for aerial photography. Some are cheap, some are expensive, some are good, and some are bad. The trick here is to know that even some of the most expensive products can still suck very, very much, so I didn’t hold back with my reviews when I came across a less than perfect choice.

As already mentioned on the homepage, my top pick is the Phantom 3, or if you’re really really serious (and can afford it) the absolute cream of the cream is the DJI Inspire. However, there’s more than just these two, and I can only encourage you to browse around to make an informed decision.

Yuneec Q500

I have to get this off my chest first: “Yuneec”? Really? I get that wacky spellings of common words are a marketing staple, but is this really the coolest drone brand name you could come up with guys? “Yuneec” sounds like the name of an exotic dancer, and not an expensive one either. Yuneec is actually not an unknown name in the [...]

Walkera Scout X4

In reading up on the Scout X4 from Walkera, I’ve run into a lot of superlative descriptions. Walkera has a lot of lyrical supporters of its larger TALI H500 and to a lesser extent the smaller X350 series (although the new premium model is pretty great). A 350mm class quad is too weak to lift a decent camera and a 500mm class [...]

Walkera QR X350

The QR X350 Premium from Walkera is basically an upgraded version of the plain QR X350. I don’t know Walkera, maybe give it a more unique name? It’s also known as the “Ultimate” in some regions, which is not that much better. It’s a pretty solid looking drone and seems to have quite a bit of power in flight. [...]

3D Robotics Solo

The DJI Phantom has had its way in the mid-range, sub-$1000 drone game for a long time. It’s the Apple II of camera drones. It helped get the revolution going. It’s the Hoover of camera drones. OK I’ll stop, but you get what I’m saying here, right? It’s into this market that 3D Robotics has stepped with its [...]

Walkera TALI H500

Better than four; not as bulky as an eight. Hexacopters are in my opinion the best compromise between the two ends of common multirotor form factors. This Carbon Edition H500 comes with everything in the box for you to start playing right away and at a price that’s far from the craziest we’ve [...]

Walkera QR X800 Quadcopter

It feels sort of weird to think of something that costs 2K as budget-friendly, but in the world of professional camera drones that’s nearing the low-end of the range. For that price Walkera is offering quite a lot of value. In fact in some ways this drone is truly amazing at any price. [...]

DJI S1000

There are few sights like seeing an octocopter roaring around. If what you want is to lift the heaviest payload, few things are going to do it like eight independently-powered props working together. The whole point of big multirotors like these is to allow film and photography professionals to use the camera [...]

Walkera Voyager 3 Quadcopter

Sorry about the split infinitive in the title there, but you can’t name your product the “Voyager” without me sticking in a Star Trek pun. That’s low hanging fruit right there, my friend. In any case, the Voyager 3 is a direct competitor to the DJI Inspire drones. It even apes the “transforming” design that shifts the [...]

DJI Inspire Quadcopter

I’m a pretty big fan of the Transformer’s franchise (I even watched the Michael Bay movies) and, man, does the Inspire 1 V2 scratch that particular itch. This is the coolest robot-looking, insectile drone I’ve ever seen. The Phantom series of drones are pretty much flying Apple products now in the looks department, but [...]

DJI Phantom 3 Quadcopter

For many people the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about serious camera drones is the DJI Phantom series of quadcopters. The Phantoms have been popular; with good reason, since they are reasonably priced but definitely fall into the “pro” category of camera drones. The Phantom 3 is the latest in the series [...]

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